Bravery's New Site Goes Live

Always Moving Forward

If you know the story of how Bravery came to be, you know that it is more than just a brand, it’s a way of life! We poured our sweat and souls into building a name that really stood for something — we pushed ourselves to the limit to bring it to life. True to our restless spirit, we’re pushing the limits again with a new site.

We thank all you risk-taskers and game-changers who found us and decided to buy our products — it means everything. We wanted to give you a site that is slicker, easier to navigate and well, just represents the real Bravery grit better .

The Tech

We’ll cut right to chase…

It’s built on the latest version of Wordpress, which basically means whether you’re scrolling your phone or filling your basket on your desktop, it will work super fast and (hopefully) bug-free.

Bold New Design

For a long time, we’ve been working on figuring out how we can really get across who we are! And our site is a big part of that. The website gives you an insight and a feel of the type of brand we are, with the culture that comes with it.

The new imagery we’ve used and the type of product we sell will give you an idea as to what we do as a business and the type of people we are. We wanted to get across the realness of Bravery — the rawness, the grit and underlying fire that keeps us going — so we focussed on what elements could come together to get that across.

With more rugged  colours, we set the tone for a more edgy feel, layered with un-cut, raw, real imagery of sports in-motion; showing people in the moment with their die-hard passions. We also incorporated video as much as we could, to help connect with that adrenaline-fuelled energy we all seek in extreme sports.

We're proud to launch a new site that reflects nicely on the brand and fits in line for the type of products we sell. We can’t wait to share more about what’s been happening at Bravery HQ real soon. Keep your eyes on the blog and our socials for more Bravery news.